09 October 2008

Something PINK and SWEET will be tasted.

VOILA! The ever so gay PINK KITCHEN is back! The ultimate gathering for the food enthusiasts is back back back!!!! And now, they have the oh-so-eccentric-but-ilavet- Tessa Prieto-Valdez's face on their posters! See guys, Pink Kitchen is not just about good food, it actually has a purpose, and that is, to help ICANSERVE Foundation, a non-profit org that empowers women with breast cancer.

This event will be held at Rockwell Tent on the 18th and 19th of October. With ticket prices of Php200 and Php100 for children. The ticket is good for only a day though, but come on -come on fellow third world citizens! Spend your money for a cause! If you can blow out cash on not-so-important things, why not cash out on this one! You'll get to enjoy good food from more thatn 50 stalls onsite! And you can have the oppurunity to meet those kickass chefs that you only see on TV! Hot chefs! such as Chef Rob of the watevur show on the local cable tv! Picture picture!!!! I know you want one!

This event is brought to you by San Miguel Corp. Del Monte, Supperferry, ABS-CBN, Philippine Daily Inquirer, etc. The prestigous Enderun Colleges Manila will also be there as one of the sponsors.

So mark your calendars guys, girls, and tinkerbells and please support this event! I know money is tough now a days, but having to battle with cancer is a lot worse. So lets help our fellow Filipinas by joining this event!

Thank yeow!

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