27 October 2008

Meet Sam!

Meet the newest addition to our family of good genes! Voila! It's Sam! It's Sam for Samantha, coz shes a laydeh! Not Sam Milby or Sam Concepcion..eek! Well anyways, our Sam is just 41 days old! oh yes! 1 month and 11 days! ( okay, make that 42)
She's a pure Black Labrador pup! We got her just today from our cousin. She is soooo kyowt! Her black color is so intense! Too bad my picture doesnt show it. Well at first she was still very shy, she kept on sleeping and she was always satying under the staircase. Its as if she wasnt too excited that we got her. Hahaha. It's normal, i guess. Its her 1st day with us :) But later that night, after having her first meal with us, she was suddenly a ball of enregy! ilavet! I was just so grossed out when she had her first poop. Ugh, thank God it was one solid piece. hahaha. Not the LBM-ish type of poop. Too much info? haha. well, bear with me! And yea, my brother and i wiped his cute little ass after. :) Very hygienic I say. I cant wait for her to grow up! I want to walk her around. Maybe do a little jogging also. Lab's actually need TONS of exercise. Err. i dont wanna leaver her!!! I dont even wanna leave the house! I dont even wanna go to school anymore cause of this bitch! haha. ( female dog, that is)
So right now, while I am blogging, 12:06 am in my room, Sam's already sleeping. Yep, shes sleeping in my room! But she has to stay on the floor. haha. For many reasons :) Oh my, oh my, i can smell her odor!!!! hahaha. SAD i still cant bathe her. Shes to young. So it means we're gonna have to tolerate her natural smell for a few more weeks. hahaha. But her cuteness makes up for it though...
SO PLEASE, teach me tips on how to take good care of a lab pup! I dont know a single thing! But I've been reading books and articles on the web. I hope it helps. Grooming, feeding, exercise. diet, body language, EVERYTHING! I need to know everything!
IM DEAD SLEEPY. Goodnight! ciao! xoxo

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