24 October 2008


People judge, People feel
People always try to conceal
A hear so stained, a heart so pure
Trying to hide something that's obscure

Dilemmas never seem to go away
Often a reason
For someone to be astray
Crushed in pieces
Hurting never eases
People are so pathetic
Lives became tragic

Putting on a blissful face
Trying to seize up
On this Worlds race
People are so tired, most of the time
working so hard
Just to earn that dime

Why have we become so numb
When we people, can succumb
To a life that is so brittle
Given attention that is so little

A world that should be shared
To people in great despair
Doing nothing but to stare
Now someone tell me
Why cant we all
Just have a life that is fair?

-Michael Francis I. Pascual

AHAHAHA. Sentimental? LOL. It's something I made back when i was in highschool =) I just thought it would be nice to share it with y'all.

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