29 November 2008

Piolo Pascual

ponyeta. i WANT him. lol. Gay or Not. i really dont care!

Womanizer Live Performance at Bambi Awards 08

Ilavet! Britney did great here. Not as sharp as before, but she is getting there. But ugh, the crowd sucks! They need to loosen up. Like hello, you have the most oh-so-controversial celeb right in front of your faces, darlings! Dancing and trying to prove herself once again. Ugh you, Ugh you!

Ugh you!!!!

I'm excited for more Britney! Now na.

27 November 2008

Ryan Kennedy for LV

Why Not?!

Belly-Buttonless Beauty


eeew. look at her va-j

The World's Sexiest Woman for 2008 is missing a body part! This just goes to show that Karolina Kurkova is human, after all! Or, not?! Her reps keep on telling the press that Karolina is not an alien! Karolina confirmed it herself, but she chooses not to talk about it. Her reps also says that whenever she has pictorials, they just airbrush her navel to make it look like she's not missing it.

KAROLINA IS GARGEEEEZZZ! With or Without a navel :)

26 November 2008

Baby Suri

Aww. How cute is this?! Major celeb baby Suri having her own piece of cupcake!

Pepsi White

Ugh. Watev's.

23 November 2008

My Christmas Wishlist


First on the list is..

1. Philip Stein Chronograph Watch 22mm.
Philip Stein Prestige Landmark Watch

2. LV Damier Graphite Keepall 55

3. An extended battery for my Sony Vaio C Series

4. Bvlgari Acqua

5. Mario Badescu Skin Care or their buffing lotion and (mine's empty already :[ )

6. A convection oven.

7. Car for heaven's sake! (Dodge Nitro or a CRV would do me just fffaaaayyn!)

8. Internship at W Hotel.

9. Good Health, Longevity, Peace of mind, and more success for my family! :))) Love you 'Ma!

10. Stop World Hunger.. seriously..

22 November 2008

The CUTEST baby duck!

OH.MY.GOSH. This is the cutest! I swear! I never knew that these cute little creatures would snor! aww! Baby ducks are <3

I think i wanna be a mother. Yes, a mother duck to that baby duck. I will feed her, go swim with her in the ponds. Sleep beside her. She will follow me as i walk looking for food. awww! watchathink?

I'd be a great mother duck to this baby duck!

21 November 2008

The royal d*ick!

Tsk tst tsk... You bad boy! You were told by the King and the Queen not to pee in public for many reasons, your Highness!!!! Oh you hard-headed Prince William!

To pee in public is such a no-no! Especially if you're a royalty! With thousands of paparazzi's following you all the time. Yes, all the time, even if you hafta take a leak.

Sorry if u blurred the photo's because i can not post explicit images on my website.


(If you call right now! We're slashing off not 10, but 50% off the original price!)

Click here if you want to see the photos in the, ehem, flesh!!!!


17 November 2008

Brandon Stoughton

Brandon Stoughton, born in 1981, in Los Angeles, California, is an American model, best known for his appearance in Britney Spears' "Womanizer" video.

Stoughton started his career in 2007 represented by LA models. With the help of his agency and renowned photographer Ronald N. Tan, he landed his first modeling job -- a big one -- a lucrative campaign for "Calvin Klein" briefs.

In 2008, Stoughton moved up in the entertainment world, landing a big time role in Britney's video "Womanizer."

When not modeling, Stoughton enjoys sunbathing and swimming in LA beaches. He also loves partying and clubbing with friends.


source: http://www.mostbeautifulman.com/

14 November 2008

Pharell loves them Birkin's....

And its not just you regular Birkin, It's an oversized-customized Birkin bag. I sooo love Pharell. He's hot. He's talented. And he's damn rich baby! Eat that! hah!

Mind you, he has 4 of those vintage Haut a Courroies.

Okay, he's a straight guy who doesnt mind carrying a ladies bag. Hate it or love it, i know you're jealous. Dont worry, you're not alone. I am dying in envy. Homaygad! See, im really not a fan of luxury bags, but i dont mind having one of those insanely expenive leather goods...

Last night, my friend and I went to a delicatessen to shop for some cheeses and watevs. And there's this woman ( maybe in her late 40's) who came in, carrying a Birkin... I was so distracted by her bag. I swear, i was just staring at it. Okay, senseless, im just sharing this experience. hahaha.

I WANT MY OVER SIZED BIRKIN ALSO! Sugar daddy where are you?! Asucarera de papa!

12 November 2008

5 o'clock shadow. Should I?

Okay... This has got nothing, and i mean, NOTHING to do with my husband, Chace Crawford. Im just using his photos as examples. Examples of, you guessed it right, the 5 o'clock shadow.

I think 5 o'clock shadows are hot. Very hot on guys. Its masculine, it's appealing, it's sexy. It is so sexy that i wanna grow one on myself. Seriously...

I know its a tough decision to grow a beard because, if you start growing a beard, it can go with you forevah. You'll have to shave constanly. Homaygad.

Now i really, really, really want to have one. Gawd! I know many people are shocked. haha. Me too! A gay guy with a shadow is soooo normal people! Hellew!!!!

Here are some photos of gay guys with the shadow...

Jigs Mayuga, Chief Make Up Artist for L'oreal (left) w/ BryanBoy

Jp Calderon/Model

Kyan Douglas/ Grooming Expert
Me! An aspiring chef! :)


Goodluck to myself .

Rihanna sings Vogue at the 2008 Fashion Rocks!

Rihanna if so gorgeous! She is such a statuesque beauty! ilavet! Her version of Madonna's Vogue was so flawless, and well choreographed. Her tiny outfit was rockin'. As usual, her legs are wow. The entire production was so purrfect! ilavet!

I've always wanted to hear Rihanna sing songs of other singers. And i've always wanted to see practically ANYONE do the VOGUE. hahaha. And Rihanna was perfect to a tee. Gorgeous.

Rihanna has already proved so much, to think that the girl is only 20. BUT we all know she sucks singing live. That's why the vocals were pre-recorded. But is fine coz i really dont have anything against lip-synching.

Come on Vogue!La la la la la la la la! hey! hey! hey!

10 November 2008

Zac Efron HSM3 Deleted Shower Scenes

These are some of the photos from the deleted shower scene for the 3rd installment of the High School Musical. Disney executives decided not to include the oh so hot shower scene of Zac because they though that teen girls arent ready yet to see such a sexy scene. Yes, water dripping, half-naked guy, taking a hot shower.

Well i dont think so. haha. SEX is such a normal thing nowadays. And theres definitely nothing wrong or over the top with these photos, agree? agree??

Zac is definitely buffing up. Lucky Vanessa...tsk tsk... Well i dont mind watching Zac taking a hot shower or watever. Eyecandy! ilavet!


From Tiggah. I am a fan

Disturbia-Thriller-Single Ladies

source: www.tiggahtigz.blogspot.com

09 November 2008

Ms. Earth 2008 part 2

Miss Earth Fire - Ms. Brazil
Miss Earth Water - Ms. Mexico
Miss Earth Air - Ms. Tanzania
Miss Earth 2009 - Ms. Philippines Karla Henry

I am so happy for Ms. Karla Henry for bagging the Ms. Earth crown. But, i still think, and i will keep on rubbing on, that Ms. Tanzania Miriam Odemba is gorgeous. That beautiful doll face!

photocredit: www.voy.com

My secret guilty pleasure...

bakit ang sarap mag-spray ng baygon?....

Ms.Philippines Karla Henry crowned as Ms. Earth 2008!

Wooot! Bravo! Bravo! Ms. Karla Henry was crowned as Ms. Earth 08, just about a few minutes ago. (That's why i still dont have the Ms.Earth photo)

I think Ms. Tanzania is gorgeous. She actually looked like a doll during the pageant. Shes adorable.

Going back to Ms. Philippines Karla Henry, she kinda has a resemblance of Ruffa Guittierez. Dimples and all. The girl EXUDES confidence. It was very obvious. She also got that spunk. That some ooomph that we're lookin for.

Ill post another entry to keep you guys updated of the new Ms. Earth 08. yes, pictures and all..

photocredit: http://www.iampatet.wordpress.com/


Beyonce's cyborg hand is teasing me!

...and i think that this is such a chica fashion statement..

Homaygad... I want one. NOW.

Stranger no more!

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Yes, the "Follow this blog" thingy. And be my fan! just kidding.

Be a stranger no more! Follow, subscribe, stalk, whatever you wanna call it, its all good with me.

Please do so :) Thanks!

08 November 2008

Gay guy dances to Beyonce's " Single Ladies"

hahaha! ilavet! This planet would be so boring if people like us, gay guys never existed. applause applause! LOL. Seriously, he was good!

StarTrek-ish Sasha Fierce.

Beyonce Knowles, or should i say, Sasha Fierce wore this StarTrek-ish ensemble by Gareth Pugh during her performance of "If I Were A Boy" at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards.

It screams, "corrugated plastic board" to me. Sadly... But wth, surely Beyonce pulls off anything and everything that she wears. And yes, even this odd piece.

07 November 2008

Rihanna for Gucci

Rihanna with the $15,000 Tattoo Heart Collection bag. A campaign by Gucci which supports UNICEF. 25% of the proceeds will benefit the UNICEF.
KISS GUCCI'S ASS HERMES! just kidding!

What is a DIVA?

"A diva is a female version of a hustler"
- "Diva" I am Sasha Fierce, Beyonce Knowles

Keri Hilson loves them shoes..

Girl its time for change......of shoes.



Well apparently, this is her halloween costume at her annual Halloween Bash Friday's at NYC Oak. Its not really that scary, or not at all.... But its really disturbing, especially if you knew who's behind this coustume.....















HEIDI KLUM punyeta kala ko bakla.....

Oh no you didnt!

Hah! You're busted! Not Britney, using Tyra-dactyl's body. BUT the blogger who actually "photoshopped" these photos! Apparently, the "photoshopping" did NOT came from Britney's camp. Neither did they use these photos for the promotion of her newest album, "Circus".

Geeeez.... I must say, Tyra's one of the sexiest "catwalker's" back in the days... She is so, what else, but FIERCE! haha... ( i always imitate her walk at home. Good thing my family's immuned to my "gayness" already haha)

AANNNDD Take note!!!!! A little birdie told me that Brit's already preparing for a World Tour come this 2009! OH please dont forget to stop by the third world! Ooooh "BRITDOMINATION" according to my soulsistah.... Manila are you ready to be BRITDOMINATED? hahaha.... I miss Beyonce already.... im such a big fan.... :(

well anyway, the blogger responsible for the photoshopping thing can be found at www.netmenvision.blogspot.com to see more of his "art".

Britney's hot.

photocredit: www.mediatakeout.com

05 November 2008

The Empire Flame Caviar Spoon

The Empire Flame Caviar Spoon with gold plated flame handle finial and oyster shell bowl - the signature piece of the Clive Christian cutlery collection.
Ooooh-la-la-lavet! This fine piece is so gorgeous! The details are so intricate, and the handle looks quite like a fountain pen. Good or Bad, i really dont care. Still its beautiful.
It made me love spoons more. hahahaha.
I've always loved luxurious and expensive things. ahahah...I'll bathe in them if only i could afford such things. LOL.
Clive Christian creations are truly one of a kind, and expensive!!!

04 November 2008

Wasabi Gumballs

Wasabi Gumballs
Oh yes, 2 of the best things in life! Wasabi and balls! woohoo! ilavet! Gumballs that is, Ofcourse!
Now someone tell me what happened to the mints of all kind? Why is there suddenly a wasabi gum?
PLEASE VISIT: http://www.iliketotallyloveit.com/ for more (balls) cool things, that'll make you say, iliketotallyloveit!

03 November 2008

Mega Randomness of moi again..

Luke Jickain's photo is so effin hot.

This looks like it was taken during a casting call or watevs.
Im dead....

thats it... told you its so random... ciao!

photocredit: http://www.rrdantes.com/

02 November 2008

Follow through....

OH.MY.GOSH! I really enjoyed uttering those fo' shizzle watever words i used in my K2 entry! Haha!
...................I'm really hoping that i was a black girl in my past life. FIERCE!

Here's the description from Urban Dictionary

1. fo' shizzle my

"fo shizzle ma nizzle" is a bastardization of "fo' sheezy mah neezy" which is a bastardization of

"for sure mah nigga" which is a bastdardization of "I concur with you whole heartedly my

African American brother"

Dont you just love it?!?!?!? Hahahaha! Well ilavet with all my heart, I actually wanna go to Africa right now, and promote world peace there, wearing my screwed in, fake smile and pageant sash, while hungry hyenas run after me.... chewing my legs off, one after the other, and going for my belly...... w/ their razor sharp fangs, pulling my guts out....like im the most delicious & nutritious gay asian angelina jolie on the face of this planet... :< THAT'S SAD.

I think that its the best idea I've had so far. Ever, in the history of this blogging thing! Yeah, and id be the first Asian Angelina Jolie! Ambassadress of watever. Carrying my adopted babies with my hubby Brad Pitt? PICTURE PERFECT! That's it, perfect! ilavet! Brilliant idea again coming from me! (Battering extended eye lashes!... Which only exists in my imaginary world ofcourse...)


(no discrimination intended on this entry)

Best Third World Street Food

OH MY OH MY! I am so craving for...........


It's been quite a while since i had some! For me, this is the best street food ever, here in the third-world. ilavet! I'm quite sure you've had this at one point in your life. Dont deny! You know you love (me) it! (We all know people deny the fact that they eat these, cause it may bruise their "sosyal" image. Oh, were you hurt? Well watever b*tches!) Well anyhoo's, I personally think that UP (University of the Philippines) street vendors make the best kwek-kwek's in town. Seriously! I dont care if its dirty or what. LOL. haha. I'd still eat it, and sh*t it afterwards. And prolly shoot myself if i knew they used "kanal" water for their sauces. Just kidding! Did i just murdered you appetites? Sarrryyy!!!!!

For those who are not aware of what K2 (kwek-kwek/ im too lazy to type it again and again, so from now on, its understood!) It's basically your normal hard boiled egg. Whether it be chicken or quail eggs. Shells removed ofcourse. And then, you dredge it in flour before dipping it into a batter of flour, water, food color & salt. ( Basically that's it for the batter, to each his own recipe) And after dipping it into the batter, you deep-fry it until the coating crisps up. You drain the oil, and you add your desired sauce. It can be a spiced vinegar, or a sweet & spicy brown sauce. It's usually served, skewered in a bamboo barbecue stick, on a rectangular paper plate.

Voila! Ready to be eaten, or to be sold! If you are a vendor, that is. And im sure youre not. I wish. I hope. I think? Well i really downcur. :)

AND to all the pinoys out there, CAN YOU NOT?!?!? Ponyeta ang a-arte-artihan kunware di pa kumakain, wushu. If i know kumakain pa kayo ng isaw.... Get real!

Fo sho' Fa shizzle ma rizzle dizzle! Wadizzle?! ( just picture me with grills and blings, and weed.... uhm...... NO!)

mwah mwah mwah lovely readers!

photo credit: www.tipidmeals.com

Random Quote of the Day

"Giving up is the ultimate tragedy."
-Robert J. Donovan

01 November 2008


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