11 October 2008

Shangri-la sizzles the PepperLunch way!

The D-I-Y style steak house will soon invade Shangri-la Plaza, as PepperLunch will soon open its second branch come this December!

Honestly fellow third-world-citizens, I've only been to PepperLunch twice! And my first experience was a so-so. My friends were convincing me to try it out, so i went. The moment i got there, the fisrt thing that occured to me, was that the entire space was so freakin HOT man! It's inevitable coz they serve their food over a 260 degrees celsius electromagnetic plate thingy. I just hope that they do something with it, maybe add some vent or watever. But nonetheless, the line was long, so i suppose, it was worth to take in all that steam.

So there, i waited in line, then i got to order food. I went through their menu, and they had the usual chicken, burger steak, beef strips, etc. The usual food that you would see served in a sizzling plate. So i ordered the Curry Beef Pepper Rice. You see, I'm not a fan of curry coz i don't like the fact that it has cream, but the thing is, at PepperLunch, they just sprinkle plain curry powder on top. No cream or gata (coconut milk) whatsoever. Purrrrfect for moi! They also have salads they call SHAKE!SHAKE!SALAD! where they serve it in plastic cups. hmm... i really don't like the idea. It kind of feels cheap in a way. But innovative of some sort, i guess. And then you also have their desserts. The usual chocolate cake, crepe cake, and they have this Matcha(a more expensive kind of tea) Cheesecake and Kuromitsu(molasses of some kin) Vanilla Ice Cream.
SOOOOOO all in all, my experience with PepperLunch was okay. However, i smelled like i slaved over the kitchen for hours after leaving the place. Staff's okay. Service was okay. Ambiance, was also okay. But more ventilation could help. The idea of hot plate was kinda kewl, not really that special, just like an edgier version of the normal "sisig sizzling plates"haha. And the food itself was just right, not bad for the price. And yes, i liked the Curry Beef Pepper Rice. I also had 2 sodas coz twas really hot! When you leave Pepper Lunch, you're not really gonna remember how good the food was, but how HOT it was and how many times you got burned eating it! ( But twas delicious)
So again, guys, girls, and tinkerbells. Watch out for the 2nd branch of Pepper Lunch coming your way at the Shangri-la Plaza this Holiday!!!!
Ciao! Oh my gosh, i can already feel the christmas season! Care to buy me gift? Lunch at PepperLunch perhaps?

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