19 October 2008

Pink Kitchen October 18, 2008

Here's what happened last October 18 '08 at the Rockwell Tent during the Pink Kitchen :>

Bff's much?

The first photo shows you the setting, which is 108 times better in reality. And the second photo shows my friend and I making some salads.
(Forgive me, i wasnt able to get much photos coz i was very busy serving)

Men In Uniform! Haha, Enderun students who provided service to the guests. Other photo is the Salad team. The conceited me, Allan, Babita, and Indy.

I know, i know. I look so haggard. pfft.. watevs. Ooooh Chef Rob is love, and... bloated :l And her wife is pretty-prettyhan also. :)

Okay, so I started serving by 11:00 am, had my lunch break at 3:40 pm, and continued to work till 10:00 pm. Im telling you, standing for 11 hours straight is NOT easy. I died.
Well anyhoooooo! It was hella fun. I manned the salad station together with the Enderun team. The guests loved our salads. We actually offered 4 choices.
First is the Pinoy Salad, which has itlog na pula (salted eggs) crispy dilis (anchovies) and cherry tomatoes, tossed in a Calamansi Mustard dressing.
The second salad was tossed in a Honey-Balsamic dressing topped with olives, peppers, grapes and kesong puti (goat's cheese)
Third was my favorite, the Asian Salad. This one's good. It comes with pomelo, hoisin chicken, and crispy wonton with a Sesame-peanut dressing.
And ofcourse, last but definitely not the least because it was actually the best-seller, is the classic Ceasar's Salad. topped with crunchy bacon bits, croutons, and tons of parmegiano regiano!Hmm.. not really, it was just the powdered parmesan in a green bottle. HAHA.

And eto, according to my ever-so-reliable gayydarr, there were quite a few cute chefs there!Ahahaha. Sight-seeing much?! Cute chefs meaning
young cute gay chefs, okay?

PINK KITCHEN is kickass! i swear! This was my first time to volunteer and this wont definitely be the last!
Some of the photos courtersy of Karina Partido

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