29 December 2008








13 December 2008

What If, you walk in our shoes?

WHAT IF? One day, you woke up to a world where everything has turned, 360 degrees. In a world where straight people are the minority, and gay sexuality is the norm. A world where straight people would have to keep their relationship in secrecy. Where gay people would look at straight people with disgust and anger. A world where straight people would have to sacrifice their own rights, because gay people tell so....

How would you feel if your freedom would depend on what other people would say, and vote. (Proposition 8) Each individual has civil rights, but not with Prop 8. Proposition 8 is not about preserving the traditions of marriage, but it is all about discrimination, bigotry.

If you voted yes for Prop8, you actually complied with stripping off equality and rights amongst gay people. Can your conscience take it? Invading somebody's rights and choice to live his own.

What if we gay people were to strip off the rights among straight people. How would that make you feel? You wont have the right to marry your loved one. What if, we gay people, would be the one telling you with what are the "limitations" of your rights are. What if we gay people would "dictate" whether where you can go, what you can do, what you can say, what rights can you practice. How would you "straight" people feel?

I already accept the fact that homosexuality will never have equity in this world. But i am still hoping. The fact here is, who are you people to tell us that we can not have a relationship among our same-sex? We are all God's children. We are born with our OWN minds, hearts, souls, body. And i HOPE that we can practice and actually put justice to this.

No one should restrict US of our OWN rights. No one. Your mom, your dad, your brother, your neighbor, your office mate, whoever. Only you can decide, and practice your own rights. I know that same-sex relationship is still not accepted whole-heartedly.

Would you really take away the right to love from a person? Can your conscience take it?

Would you rather have your son, daughter, brother, sister, bestfriend, cousin, nephew, niece, mom, dad, grow up alone only because you still believe that it is a sin. And because you are afraid of what others might think?

Would you rather see your loved one go on with his/her life alone. No one to accompany him/her when they age and grow old and weak? Would you take away that sweet life? Can you take it?

Are you that selfish? Would you want your loved one's never to experience waking up with someone beside him/her? Never to have that chance of spending his/her birthday with that special someone? Or even that normal day to day life. Never to share that intimacy that is burning inside towards your loved one?

Would you just rather have that person look at a lovely couple passing by him/her, while he/she is alone, all by him/herself. Wishing that someday he/she will have that same picture in her life. Living a normal life. Would you rather have to spend his/her life alone, at home. Doing nothing but watch television, cook to himself, eat dinner alone, wait until he feels sleepy, go to bed alone, waking up alone, going to work, and having to do the same things over and over again, all by himself? No one to share stories of what happened in his/her day at work, school, or whatever.

To those who voted YES to Proposition 8, especially to that person who cam up with that bullshit. You just don't know how SELFISH you are.

Easy for you "straight people" to say. Because you haven't, and will never experience this. You wont have to go through with what we go through each and everyday of our lives. We have to work TWICE, THRICE as hard just to EARN that RESPECT and RIGHT that we should have.

Why don't you walk a mile in our shoes, and then after maybe you can speak.

11 December 2008


Jennifer Aniston sexified-nekked for the cover of GQ's January edition.

10 December 2008


OMG OMG OMG. I cant stand it! I cant take it anymore! No!!!!!

R.I.P. My love for Bacon

04 December 2008

Kiss Me Cheese.

Cheeto's Lip FUCKEN balm.

Are you kidding me? What is this thingamajagermeistershit? Please.. I know we all love cheese, but, this just crossed the line. Major. Who wants to make out with someone who tastes like cheese? Eew wtf... Haha. Just picture those aged cheeses with molds and all, on a crusty lips. Ahahaha...LMAO. What happened to the strawberry kisses, cherry, mango, kiwi, mint, bubblegum, and now, cheese?! A dairy product?! Ahaha. People are really bored no?

01 December 2008

Kasthen's Despedida Dinner

Kasthen's leaving on the 4th of December for her 6-month internship at Le Meridien, KL Malaysia.

We had a despedida dinner at her place at Essensa, last sunday. There were lotsa food. Her mum's carbonara, yummy. Giant crab claws, kit's fave. Lengua, eeew. Sushi's and Sashimi's of all kind, etc...And ofcourse, some wine and vodka, tequilla to liven up the night. Sober night for me, sadly. But nonetheless, i had fun!

See, Kasthen and I met last November ('07) during our orientation.. I was a new student then... yada yada yada, So it's been like a year already. And i can say we've been through lots during that span of time. :) We are soooo much alike, I effin swear. She's like my girl version, vice-versa. We are soulsistah's. That's how we call each other, that's how close we are!
:P xoxo...

I am so gonna miss her. 6 months without her is like, 6 months without redbull. Ofcourse, for those who actually take in redbull. Ahaha. watevs. Just pretend you get me....

Here are the pics! Click to enlarge! Enjoy! :)

I think i should get a trim...

I swear, that chandelier, looks like a crown of some sort, on my head.

See, i told you....

Delicioso cake from RN :) Please, can we thaw it first before slicing, next time? ha.

Me, Ruth, and Kasthen Kitty Kat :)

Ruth & Kel


I really dont know what to put as caption in this photo :P

We are soulsistah's. Our poses agree.

Mind you, that's tequilla, not wine.

Mix showing some love for our Kittykat :)

RN.Mix.Kel. Boy we were full....

6 months with out this?!!??! :(
We are really going to miss you kittykat! :( I swear. You know how close we are. :( Promise me to go OL all the time, whenever you're free. Skype, FB, Ym. And behave, baka ma-shock KL sayo. LOL. Haha. :P I know you'll do great there, like duh!
or purple.

29 November 2008

Piolo Pascual

ponyeta. i WANT him. lol. Gay or Not. i really dont care!

Womanizer Live Performance at Bambi Awards 08

Ilavet! Britney did great here. Not as sharp as before, but she is getting there. But ugh, the crowd sucks! They need to loosen up. Like hello, you have the most oh-so-controversial celeb right in front of your faces, darlings! Dancing and trying to prove herself once again. Ugh you, Ugh you!

Ugh you!!!!

I'm excited for more Britney! Now na.

27 November 2008

Ryan Kennedy for LV

Why Not?!

Belly-Buttonless Beauty


eeew. look at her va-j

The World's Sexiest Woman for 2008 is missing a body part! This just goes to show that Karolina Kurkova is human, after all! Or, not?! Her reps keep on telling the press that Karolina is not an alien! Karolina confirmed it herself, but she chooses not to talk about it. Her reps also says that whenever she has pictorials, they just airbrush her navel to make it look like she's not missing it.

KAROLINA IS GARGEEEEZZZ! With or Without a navel :)

26 November 2008

Baby Suri

Aww. How cute is this?! Major celeb baby Suri having her own piece of cupcake!

Pepsi White

Ugh. Watev's.

23 November 2008

My Christmas Wishlist


First on the list is..

1. Philip Stein Chronograph Watch 22mm.
Philip Stein Prestige Landmark Watch

2. LV Damier Graphite Keepall 55

3. An extended battery for my Sony Vaio C Series

4. Bvlgari Acqua

5. Mario Badescu Skin Care or their buffing lotion and (mine's empty already :[ )

6. A convection oven.

7. Car for heaven's sake! (Dodge Nitro or a CRV would do me just fffaaaayyn!)

8. Internship at W Hotel.

9. Good Health, Longevity, Peace of mind, and more success for my family! :))) Love you 'Ma!

10. Stop World Hunger.. seriously..

22 November 2008

The CUTEST baby duck!

OH.MY.GOSH. This is the cutest! I swear! I never knew that these cute little creatures would snor! aww! Baby ducks are <3

I think i wanna be a mother. Yes, a mother duck to that baby duck. I will feed her, go swim with her in the ponds. Sleep beside her. She will follow me as i walk looking for food. awww! watchathink?

I'd be a great mother duck to this baby duck!

21 November 2008

The royal d*ick!

Tsk tst tsk... You bad boy! You were told by the King and the Queen not to pee in public for many reasons, your Highness!!!! Oh you hard-headed Prince William!

To pee in public is such a no-no! Especially if you're a royalty! With thousands of paparazzi's following you all the time. Yes, all the time, even if you hafta take a leak.

Sorry if u blurred the photo's because i can not post explicit images on my website.


(If you call right now! We're slashing off not 10, but 50% off the original price!)

Click here if you want to see the photos in the, ehem, flesh!!!!


17 November 2008

Brandon Stoughton

Brandon Stoughton, born in 1981, in Los Angeles, California, is an American model, best known for his appearance in Britney Spears' "Womanizer" video.

Stoughton started his career in 2007 represented by LA models. With the help of his agency and renowned photographer Ronald N. Tan, he landed his first modeling job -- a big one -- a lucrative campaign for "Calvin Klein" briefs.

In 2008, Stoughton moved up in the entertainment world, landing a big time role in Britney's video "Womanizer."

When not modeling, Stoughton enjoys sunbathing and swimming in LA beaches. He also loves partying and clubbing with friends.


source: http://www.mostbeautifulman.com/

14 November 2008

Pharell loves them Birkin's....

And its not just you regular Birkin, It's an oversized-customized Birkin bag. I sooo love Pharell. He's hot. He's talented. And he's damn rich baby! Eat that! hah!

Mind you, he has 4 of those vintage Haut a Courroies.

Okay, he's a straight guy who doesnt mind carrying a ladies bag. Hate it or love it, i know you're jealous. Dont worry, you're not alone. I am dying in envy. Homaygad! See, im really not a fan of luxury bags, but i dont mind having one of those insanely expenive leather goods...

Last night, my friend and I went to a delicatessen to shop for some cheeses and watevs. And there's this woman ( maybe in her late 40's) who came in, carrying a Birkin... I was so distracted by her bag. I swear, i was just staring at it. Okay, senseless, im just sharing this experience. hahaha.

I WANT MY OVER SIZED BIRKIN ALSO! Sugar daddy where are you?! Asucarera de papa!