22 October 2008

I miss Tinkerbell

Oh well my lovely readers, can i just introduce to you, "Tinkerbell"

She's my alter-ego. She's the chica side of me, She's the Victoria Beckham in me. She's the long-legged supermowdul in me. Ugh.... F*uck, i miss everything about IT.

Dont you just adore high waisted trousers?

And look at me now. LOL. haha. i guess my dad rejoiced when he learned that his son is a cross- dresser NO-MORE! Whatt can i say?! Im one hella gorgeous chica diva x-dresser!hahahaha. Well, not really an all out x-dresser. But, wwwatevs.

Here's Peter Pan...

It couldnt get any drastic than that! HAHA. Change of Heart anyone?

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