31 October 2008

I am heartbroken. SERIOUSLY.

Remember Sam? Our new puppy? Well, earlier this afternoon, my dad decided to give her away. :( and it broke my heart, my kuya and my mom's as well.

Sam is the only source of joy in this house. Eventhough we had a hard time handling her, cleaning her poop, her pee, wiping her behind after every pupu, preparing her breakfast, lunch, and dinner, preparing her milk, playing with her, letting her out of the door when she cries, because she always wanted to play outside. And all of those cute things that she does...

I will miss her. I'll miss seeing her sleep on the floor, between the sofas, under the staircase, under the tables, on top of the rugs. Ill miss it when she lays her head on our feet. Sam playing with papa's slippers, Sam murdering one of my sacrificial stuffed toys, her own towel. Sam crying when we leave her alone. Ill miss running after her, watching out if she's gonna go or not. Ill miss Sam. Even if we just had her for a few days.

No other puppy can replace you, Sam.

and NO, she doesnt get on our nerves...

I love you Sam! :(


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