31 October 2008

I am salivating for

Tuna Melt. Hot crusty bread, cold tuna filling, melting cheese, crisp lettuce, and juicy tomatoes. Ooh-la-la! I want one NOW. Ive actually started eating tuna sandwiches of all kind, only this year. I dont know why. I think i hated the fact that its fish. My family always loved tuna sandwich, and i was the only one who would eat it. Oh yea, i hated the mayonnaise in it as well.
My Tuna Sandwich obsession started when our school moved in to our new campus. We would try out all the different restaurants nearby. So blah blah blah, i ended up ordering this tuna sandwich in this local restaurant. For some reasons, i had a sudden craving when i saw the picture. And i thought to myself, it was really good! ilavet!
By the way, that restaurant is "Pancake House". A local restaurant here in the Phils. I just hope they serve it in a bigger portions. And by that i mean BIG. TRIPLE DECKER.
photo credit:: www.elise.com

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