20 October 2008

My conceited self

Hahaha. A few months ago, all the students in our school had a shoot for our Video C.V. It's required for our internship. And being the ever so self-centered person that I am, I took a few shots of it directly from my monitor, and here it is.

The angle from the 2nd shot only made my head look bigger that it already is. :(

Narcissistic? Hahaha ilavet!

whatchathink? pwede??


Pretty Kasthen <3 said...

hahaha omg you look like an efing praying mantis!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

OurCornerTable said...

Hala... its you and your random mind again kasthen dear.HAHA. HOY PACMAN! you dirty little cockroach!

ana said...

Hi Kel! Now lang i finally got to go thru your blog! its the cutest :) and by the way, i think your video CV rocks. I will be sending it to Chef Graham Weber--So he is ready for what is coming to the Seaview! Enjoy the break darling

OurCornerTable said...

Omg ms.ana isdatchu?!hahaha! =) ilavet.hahhaaha. sna di ma shock c chef graham and bawiin yung offer for me. lol. im gonna die.hahahaha