12 November 2008

Rihanna sings Vogue at the 2008 Fashion Rocks!

Rihanna if so gorgeous! She is such a statuesque beauty! ilavet! Her version of Madonna's Vogue was so flawless, and well choreographed. Her tiny outfit was rockin'. As usual, her legs are wow. The entire production was so purrfect! ilavet!

I've always wanted to hear Rihanna sing songs of other singers. And i've always wanted to see practically ANYONE do the VOGUE. hahaha. And Rihanna was perfect to a tee. Gorgeous.

Rihanna has already proved so much, to think that the girl is only 20. BUT we all know she sucks singing live. That's why the vocals were pre-recorded. But is fine coz i really dont have anything against lip-synching.

Come on Vogue!La la la la la la la la! hey! hey! hey!

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