02 November 2008

Best Third World Street Food

OH MY OH MY! I am so craving for...........


It's been quite a while since i had some! For me, this is the best street food ever, here in the third-world. ilavet! I'm quite sure you've had this at one point in your life. Dont deny! You know you love (me) it! (We all know people deny the fact that they eat these, cause it may bruise their "sosyal" image. Oh, were you hurt? Well watever b*tches!) Well anyhoo's, I personally think that UP (University of the Philippines) street vendors make the best kwek-kwek's in town. Seriously! I dont care if its dirty or what. LOL. haha. I'd still eat it, and sh*t it afterwards. And prolly shoot myself if i knew they used "kanal" water for their sauces. Just kidding! Did i just murdered you appetites? Sarrryyy!!!!!

For those who are not aware of what K2 (kwek-kwek/ im too lazy to type it again and again, so from now on, its understood!) It's basically your normal hard boiled egg. Whether it be chicken or quail eggs. Shells removed ofcourse. And then, you dredge it in flour before dipping it into a batter of flour, water, food color & salt. ( Basically that's it for the batter, to each his own recipe) And after dipping it into the batter, you deep-fry it until the coating crisps up. You drain the oil, and you add your desired sauce. It can be a spiced vinegar, or a sweet & spicy brown sauce. It's usually served, skewered in a bamboo barbecue stick, on a rectangular paper plate.

Voila! Ready to be eaten, or to be sold! If you are a vendor, that is. And im sure youre not. I wish. I hope. I think? Well i really downcur. :)

AND to all the pinoys out there, CAN YOU NOT?!?!? Ponyeta ang a-arte-artihan kunware di pa kumakain, wushu. If i know kumakain pa kayo ng isaw.... Get real!

Fo sho' Fa shizzle ma rizzle dizzle! Wadizzle?! ( just picture me with grills and blings, and weed.... uhm...... NO!)

mwah mwah mwah lovely readers!

photo credit: www.tipidmeals.com

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