09 November 2008

Ms.Philippines Karla Henry crowned as Ms. Earth 2008!

Wooot! Bravo! Bravo! Ms. Karla Henry was crowned as Ms. Earth 08, just about a few minutes ago. (That's why i still dont have the Ms.Earth photo)

I think Ms. Tanzania is gorgeous. She actually looked like a doll during the pageant. Shes adorable.

Going back to Ms. Philippines Karla Henry, she kinda has a resemblance of Ruffa Guittierez. Dimples and all. The girl EXUDES confidence. It was very obvious. She also got that spunk. That some ooomph that we're lookin for.

Ill post another entry to keep you guys updated of the new Ms. Earth 08. yes, pictures and all..

photocredit: http://www.iampatet.wordpress.com/


busby seo test said...

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busby seo test said...

wow!!!nice picture.....

OurCornerTable said...

thanks to the source of the photo: www.iampatet.wordpress.com :)Karla Henry is pretty!