07 November 2008

Oh no you didnt!

Hah! You're busted! Not Britney, using Tyra-dactyl's body. BUT the blogger who actually "photoshopped" these photos! Apparently, the "photoshopping" did NOT came from Britney's camp. Neither did they use these photos for the promotion of her newest album, "Circus".

Geeeez.... I must say, Tyra's one of the sexiest "catwalker's" back in the days... She is so, what else, but FIERCE! haha... ( i always imitate her walk at home. Good thing my family's immuned to my "gayness" already haha)

AANNNDD Take note!!!!! A little birdie told me that Brit's already preparing for a World Tour come this 2009! OH please dont forget to stop by the third world! Ooooh "BRITDOMINATION" according to my soulsistah.... Manila are you ready to be BRITDOMINATED? hahaha.... I miss Beyonce already.... im such a big fan.... :(

well anyway, the blogger responsible for the photoshopping thing can be found at www.netmenvision.blogspot.com to see more of his "art".

Britney's hot.

photocredit: www.mediatakeout.com

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I'm brit btw. BRitney/kIT get it? hahahahha. im crazy over britnaaaaayyy