14 November 2008

Pharell loves them Birkin's....

And its not just you regular Birkin, It's an oversized-customized Birkin bag. I sooo love Pharell. He's hot. He's talented. And he's damn rich baby! Eat that! hah!

Mind you, he has 4 of those vintage Haut a Courroies.

Okay, he's a straight guy who doesnt mind carrying a ladies bag. Hate it or love it, i know you're jealous. Dont worry, you're not alone. I am dying in envy. Homaygad! See, im really not a fan of luxury bags, but i dont mind having one of those insanely expenive leather goods...

Last night, my friend and I went to a delicatessen to shop for some cheeses and watevs. And there's this woman ( maybe in her late 40's) who came in, carrying a Birkin... I was so distracted by her bag. I swear, i was just staring at it. Okay, senseless, im just sharing this experience. hahaha.

I WANT MY OVER SIZED BIRKIN ALSO! Sugar daddy where are you?! Asucarera de papa!

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