23 November 2008

My Christmas Wishlist


First on the list is..

1. Philip Stein Chronograph Watch 22mm.
Philip Stein Prestige Landmark Watch

2. LV Damier Graphite Keepall 55

3. An extended battery for my Sony Vaio C Series

4. Bvlgari Acqua

5. Mario Badescu Skin Care or their buffing lotion and (mine's empty already :[ )

6. A convection oven.

7. Car for heaven's sake! (Dodge Nitro or a CRV would do me just fffaaaayyn!)

8. Internship at W Hotel.

9. Good Health, Longevity, Peace of mind, and more success for my family! :))) Love you 'Ma!

10. Stop World Hunger.. seriously..

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