01 December 2008

Kasthen's Despedida Dinner

Kasthen's leaving on the 4th of December for her 6-month internship at Le Meridien, KL Malaysia.

We had a despedida dinner at her place at Essensa, last sunday. There were lotsa food. Her mum's carbonara, yummy. Giant crab claws, kit's fave. Lengua, eeew. Sushi's and Sashimi's of all kind, etc...And ofcourse, some wine and vodka, tequilla to liven up the night. Sober night for me, sadly. But nonetheless, i had fun!

See, Kasthen and I met last November ('07) during our orientation.. I was a new student then... yada yada yada, So it's been like a year already. And i can say we've been through lots during that span of time. :) We are soooo much alike, I effin swear. She's like my girl version, vice-versa. We are soulsistah's. That's how we call each other, that's how close we are!
:P xoxo...

I am so gonna miss her. 6 months without her is like, 6 months without redbull. Ofcourse, for those who actually take in redbull. Ahaha. watevs. Just pretend you get me....

Here are the pics! Click to enlarge! Enjoy! :)

I think i should get a trim...

I swear, that chandelier, looks like a crown of some sort, on my head.

See, i told you....

Delicioso cake from RN :) Please, can we thaw it first before slicing, next time? ha.

Me, Ruth, and Kasthen Kitty Kat :)

Ruth & Kel


I really dont know what to put as caption in this photo :P

We are soulsistah's. Our poses agree.

Mind you, that's tequilla, not wine.

Mix showing some love for our Kittykat :)

RN.Mix.Kel. Boy we were full....

6 months with out this?!!??! :(
We are really going to miss you kittykat! :( I swear. You know how close we are. :( Promise me to go OL all the time, whenever you're free. Skype, FB, Ym. And behave, baka ma-shock KL sayo. LOL. Haha. :P I know you'll do great there, like duh!
or purple.

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