15 January 2009

Mimi's "Touch my Body" Korean versheeeeeen!

Okay, so its been a while since i posted a "real entry" here on my blog. Ive been kind of busy lately and i havent had the chance to take time and post something here. Well anyhoo i found something really good on the internet! Really really good, and when i say really good, that means a gay korean guy sings Mimi's "Touch my Body"! Oh yea! Homo-say-whut!?!? Hahaaha! I was laughing my ass off when i got to see this video. Hahahah... I never knew "Tropical Priest" "Camel up a Hill" "Water Dessert" "Asbestos?!?!?" "The Beegees" "Norway" and "Planktons" were part of the songs lyrics!!! Go see for yourself! It's my treat to you guys! :))

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