15 January 2009


Quick Post!

So i met up with my friend Micah to see the premiere of the indie film "Butas". Its "Loophole" to you, non-filipino speaking fellas. T'was held at the U.P. Film Center, which was actually better than what my friend and i expected. Since its a state university, and plus for a fact that its not a well financed establishment, we thought that their "cinema" was gonna be a not so nice place. At first i thought that the airconditioning was gonna be bad, and the chairs were gonna be rock hard, etc etc.. But we were really surprised coz when we got in, it was really, really cold inside! The airconditioning was working very well, way more than what we expected, the chairs werent that bad either, and it was fairly clean. You really can never judge a book by its cover. :)

Back to the film, "Butas". Well, i wasnt really intrested with the movie. First of all, i was never a fan of local films, idk why, but yea. Im sorry, i know one person from the gazillion population and local movie goers, would not hurt. The movie was really, really, really borring. Thank goodness for Marco Morales' dick. Lol. But its true, people only went to see his dingdong! Or at least, those gay guys, including me, who occupied almost 99% of the audience. I swear! I thought i was gonna attend a Pride March! Lol. It was like a little "Malate" when i got there! Hahaha.

So there, im now really tamad to type more nonsense, so i'll be leaving you with that. And oh by the way, i now go to gay scene clubs. YES!hahaha. Club Government is love!hahha. I love their poles! Woohoo! and their Go-Go boys! ilavet! hahaha.... :)

***lost inside UP Diliman campus***

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