01 February 2009

My LOVE-HATE relationship.

With my new webcam, that is. I got the webcam, maybe 2 weeks ago. And at first i really really liked it, because the images are so clear, i think its 5 megapixel. So yea, its really nice. It comes with a lot of features for editing, and other stuff. That's love. Now, the Hate part, the video sucks. Bigtime. Ive tried it over and over again, and it doesnt work the way it should! I dont know how to describe it, its like, when you playback what you recorded, everything's fast forwarded. Or imagine a video, being rewinded. Dba?!?! so what the use of recording a video pa. it's so frustrating, seriously. So ano, i'd spend nanaman for a new webcam?! Hell no! ugh.

Ive always wanted to do a video blog. Haha. NOT. Lol. Im not really into taking video, not even pictures. Im not the camwhore type of person. I dont know why, maybe because the camera doestt love me. Haha... Anyways, i think im gonna go back to the shop where my folks got the webcam, im gonna be bitchin' aroung that shop and ask for them to fix/replace or do whatever's right with it. And hopefully, when it get's fixed, ill have the courage to record a video, and post it here. :)

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